Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abigail Christina Marie

My gorgeous little girl, Abigail Christina Marie, is here. She was born on April 7th, 2010. Right on the day her Nanny predicted she would come! My labor was amazing and the greatest experience. I went to the doctor that day and my cervix was thick and closed. They decided I needed to come in and be induced that night because of how low my fluid was. So I went home and settled the kids, Jay and I went to the mall for my last minute cravings of every food there was, and then headed to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital I had dilated 2cm and effaced to 70% I was in labor on my own anyway! But even though I progressed overnight to 5cm on my own they decided to start pitocin at 5am. To that point I was slightly uncomfortable but nothnig i couldnt handle. They started that pitocin and it felt like someone was just ripping my body open from one end to the other! It was so so painful. I asked for the epidural but the doctor was busy so I just sat and waited, was mean to poor Jay haha! Finally the doctor shows up at 7am. My contractions were less than a minute apart and extremely strong so it took him half an hour to finish the epidural. By 730 it was in and aroung 745 I started to feel some relief from it. I still felt the contractions but they werent nearly as strong. Well not even a half our later I started to feel so much pressure it made me want to just curl up in a ball and die. I told Jay that I thought i should push. He didnt really know what to think because I had just had the epidural and been checked and I was only at 8cm. But Dr. Shockley came back in anyway and as soon as I out my feet in the stirrups he said "Well she has daddys hair!" While he was getting into his gown and everything he said I could push because it was bothering me so bad and I guess he wasnt expecting it because he had to rush across the room, but Miss Abigail made her appearance on that very first push, no problems at all. I pushed hard though because I wanted that baby out! Jay could not have looked happier or more proud than the moment he saw his daughter for the very first time. It was one of the most amazing days of my life. She weighed 5lb. 9oz. and was 19.5 inches long.

It has now been almost a month, and that tiny little thing is still so tiny! Shes so beautiful and such a happy baby girl. She looks around at everything like she just cant believe it with these enormous dark dark eyes. Shes got long legs and arms and fingers and toes and they are all super skinny. She has this silly little cry that makes mesmile more than feel bad for her actually. I just love her and I am amazed by her every single second.

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