Monday, March 1, 2010

I need a vacation...

Well first of all my day started out horrible. I get a phone call from Malcolms school at 8am, and I won't go into detail, but I was completely PISSED. OMG! So I get out of bed after that amazing conversation and Jay is about to lose it he's so upset, and I go to get Collier out of bed. We have a really good time together. He danced around the kitchen while I made pancakes, and then he ate a giant pancake the size of my face! I layed him down and cleaned up and finally got my shower in for the day, which was the most relaxed I have been all day by the way! So I get to the doctor and I go in for my ultrasound. The woman spends forever before she will say anything, and then all she does is ask me what I'm drinking? And I'm thinking, "Obviously lady, if I have known about having low fluid for weeks now, I am drowning myself in water!" But I was nice and sweet because its not her fault I am having a bad day. So then I find out that my fluid level has gone down almost 3cm since I was there last tuesday! WTF! And no one can tell me any reason why it's happening. I'm freaking out. And Dr. Shockley is a great doctor, but I'm starting to worry about my baby and why he isn't trying to do anything. But then after all that in one day I have to come to work. And I find out my sister is in the hospital with a kidney stone, so I'll be staying over once again in the morning! UGH! I just need a mini vacation I think. And unfortunately that will not be happening until I have Abi and I spend two days in the hospital. Hah!

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