Friday, February 26, 2010

Excuse me, snow?

You could go away anytime and that would be fine with me! I'm so ready to have this little baby girl and get my kids outside playing. We finally have a yard and all we get to do is sit around inside wondering when we'll be able to dig our way out of the driveway! Malcolm will only go out in the snow for about 5 minutes before the snow "burns" his legs. Haha. But in all seriousness, I am sick of being stuck inside this house on my days off. What on earth is there to do at home all day long? Collier probably forgets what the sunshine looks like!

In other news. I've been having contractions for days now. They gave me some medicine that is supposed to be helping, but I hate to say that its not. I wake up every night from one and my belly is starting to get sore. I have pain medicine but it makes me groggy and silly and I have little boys to take care of and a job to go to! What on earth is a Momma supposed to do?

We still haven't even gotten Abi's crib, or anything really, set up in her room. It was sort of the storage room when we first moved in and now I'm at a loss as to where to put everything. I'm off until Monday evening to I suppose thats what I will be doing since I doubt I'll be making it out anywhere today! I'll post some pictures when it's finally done.

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